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10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes, Comments & Replies in 2024

Boost your Instagram presence with real, high-quality likes and comments. Buy Instagram likes and comments today and see your engagement soar!

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Instagram used to be a platform for entertainment. However, recently it has fully transformed into a marketing arena for thousands of brands. With millions of daily active users available, Instagram has become a place where brands get their audience.

According to the Instagram algorithm, it will only show posts with higher engagement to a wider audience. Therefore brands that purchase custom Instagram comments, likes, and saves have experienced tremendous boosts in their engagement.

This alone will bring them before their target audience. This is why we recommend you buy Instagram likes and comments with Paypal if you want to experience the same results on your posts.

Instagram Algorithm Modification and the Need to Buy Instagram Likes and Comments

Before now, the Instagram algorithm boosted posts based on the number of followers a user has. After the latest update on the Instagram algorithm, the platform considers engagements for boosting posts.

This is why the need for brands to buy Instagram likes and comments is on the increase. Engagement on your account will also make other users recommend your brand. In this listicle, we have specially handpicked the 11 best sites to buy Instagram likes, comments, and replies in 2023.

See these sites to get organic and real engagement to your page, which will in turn, lead to sales.


Are you looking for the best site to buy Instagram likes, comments, and replies in 2023? Search no more! We have handpicked as one of the best-recommended sites for your social media growth services.

Having many likes, comments, and replies on your Instagram account indicates that your account is trusted and has a good reputation. The competition on IG is high, and it is almost impossible to beat the big brands in your niche if you do not follow the right step.

Following the right steps include getting a trusted site like for comments, likes, and replies for your IG profile. As a beginner, if you are experiencing low engagement, provides affordable growth services that are tailored according to your requirement.

These services will help to grow your account, bring in the right audience for your brand, and get you beating your competitors. Top your niche and become the go-to in your industry. has a team of expert social media managers dedicated to ensuring you get the exact package you ordered with extras.

You do not have to worry about getting your account limited or banned, as many fake social media growth sites are after your money and not your account's safety. On, your account safety is their concern. They do not make use of bots to grow your account engagement.

Select your desired growth package, process the payment, and relax while the professionals work on your order. You will start seeing results almost immediately after your order is placed. They also guarantee money back if you are unsatisfied with the services offered.

Why Choose

  • Grow your Instagram organically
  • No use of bots
  • Active and engaging Instagram profiles
  • Non-drop Instagram comments, likes, and replies
  • Safe payment gateways
  • Affordable growth packages
  • Rapid delivery
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Reliable site
  • Money back guaranteed


Fastlikes is a recommended platform for brands that want to boost engagement on their Instagram accounts.

One good thing about Sidesmedia is that they can help boost several social media platforms aside from Instagram such as Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch. If you want to buy Instagram likes and comments you can count on this site.

In addition, you can trust the site for real followers and views on any of your social media platforms. On this site, there is a guide or tutorial on how to buy a suitable package for your Instagram page. All you need to do is choose the type of service you want to get and the platform you want it done.

Choose the plan according to your budget, and process payment using the available payment gateway. It's as simple as that. If you want to boost your growth on Instagram and other social media platforms, then Sidesmedia is a site you can rely on.

3.    SMM Villa

SMM Villa

If you are interested in getting real and quality comments and likes that will stay on your posts to boost engagement then think SMM Villa. This site utilizes advanced Instagram marketing strategies to get the right comments to your posts.

Relevant comments given by the site will organically bring the kind of engagement you need for your brand. If you want your posts to rank up on the Instagram search, you need to get more engagement. You need to buy Instagram likes and comments from this recommended site.

If you want your posts to take good spots on the Instagram explore page, invest in getting more comments and likes. No matter your budget, SMM Villa has the exact package that will suit your growth needs. Packages on the site are affordable.

Each package, whether big or small, is delivered with speed and good quality. The site makes sure that comments and likes are made by real accounts, and not just bots or spam accounts. Services on this site are secured as the site does not need your login details to perform any operation.

The site has responsive customer support that is dedicated to assisting customers 24/7.

4.  Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta

If you need to apply social media optimization on your IG page and implement other Instagram marketing strategies, then you can count on Mr. Insta. This site has varieties of services to offer and remains one of the best when it comes to quality and permanent comments and likes on Instagram.

For brands interested in getting legitimate engagement and traffic to their posts, the site has special packages to buy Instagram likes and comments from real accounts. The comments you will get are relevant to your niche.

One advantage Mr. Insta has over most sites that sell likes and comments is it permits its customers to customize their comments. Brands can now select relevant keyword phrases according to what they want to see in their comments.

Services on this site are delivered with speed, secured, refill guarantee, and you will see results in 24 to 72 hours. In addition, you can contact customer support anytime, 24/7. There is always a chain reaction after purchasing your package.

Services on this site are also affordable and you will surely be happy with every penny spent on this site when you start getting the result. Get on this site to hit good engagement and reach your target audience on IG.

5.    Venium


Venium has been a recommended site for quality Instagram growth for many years.

They assist clients with solid business promotions. They have a solid team that is dedicated to making sure every client comes back for more. If you need to buy Instagram likes and comments, here is a place for you. In addition, if you want to get followers and more views to your posts, then you can trust this site to fulfill your request.

Placing your order on this site is so easy. All you need to do is create an account with them, select your chosen package, and you can manage your order right on the dashboard. Another quality feature of this site is that they have different payment gateways for their services.

This makes it easy to start your order as soon as you are done validating your account. Venium is a site that believes in good customer support to keep their customers with them for a long time and keep up with their services. Note that every comment and liking you get on this site is organic and safe for your Instagram profile.

6.    FollowerPackages


FollowerPackages is a site that is trusted and mostly patronized by celebrities, brands, and verified Instagrammers. This site is one of the most recommended sites to buy Instagram likes and comments.

You can get several kinds of Instagram services on this platform. The site is more dedicated to Instagram, making it stand out among other sites. Aside from Instagram comments and likes, you can also buy followers and get views on your IG.

To gain a good social media presence, and engagement and reach your targeted audience, you need to buy these services from FollwersPackages. Every service offered on this site is 100% safe and secure on your profile.

The services are affordable and can be adjusted according to your budget. Services offered on this site are per Instagram policies. Therefore, you are assured that your account will not get flagged, or banned after buying these services. They operate a smooth, reachable, and responsible customer support service 24/7.

7.    DigiSMM

DigiSMM is a site where you can boost the social media reach of your account.

The main thing is for you to get the right package according to your requirement or need. The site is easy to operate and you can get real likes and comments on Instagram from the platform. Over the years of its operation in social media marketing, the site has proven to be trustworthy, reliable and offers only quality Instagram services.

If you go through the reviews and comments on their page, you will see that the site is good at what they do. One feature that keeps bringing clients back to DigiSMM is that it offers specialized assistance.

They also focus mainly on Instagram. Therefore, you can be sure that who you are dealing with is an expert and dedicated to work. The site has a team committed to ensuring that each of their clients gets exactly according to the packages paid, with good results to boost their social media presence.

A lot of time has been spent trying to gain customers' trust and reputation. The site is also safe to use. Patronizing services on this platform means you would equally have a real and meaningful result around your posts and Instagram content in general.

Lastly, the site offers affordable Instagram services. DigiSMM covers you when you want to improve your IG engagement and draw the right customers to your brand.

8.    GetAFollower


Another recommended site that is reliable and can be trusted to buy Instagram likes and comments is GetAFollower. You can also get real Instagram comment likes and Instagram comment replies on your posts making everything look so real and organic.

You can get high organic engagement and draw more followers to your brand. The site has special Instagram engagement tools that some other companies might not offer you. Another lovely quality about this site is that they offer you targeted engagement.

This means they will do everything possible to get you comments related to your industry. They do not just send random or unrelated comments to your posts. If you are just growing your brand, this is the right and recommended platform. Finally, they operate affordable Instagram services.

9.    TweetAngels


When your posts on Instagram are gaining good engagement such as comments, likes, and followers, then you know your brand is getting noticed. TweetAngels would do all possible to get your account noticed and attract the right audience.

The site is real and professional in all its dealings with customers. TweetAngels has a team of social media experts dedicated to boosting your account's organic engagement and expanding your Instagram community by getting you comments and likes.

Several accounts have been featured on the Instagram Explore page due to TweetAngels dedicated and reliable services. The site has distinguished comment packages for starters, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Some comments you will get on your account are from verified accounts.

They can also boost your post with powerlikes from accounts with over 500k followers. Get your Instagram posts to the next level using a reliable source with a 100% guarantee. The results are obvious and you will see that it is worth every penny spent.

10.    Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media

The 10th site on our list where you can buy Instagram likes and comment is Buy Real Media.

This site is known to be passionate and dedicated to its client's success. The site has been in the social media marketing industry for over 10 years and is well-experienced with different techniques for growing an account on IG. To boost your engagement, you can count on Buy Real Media for genuine Instagram comments and likes.

Features offered on this site are unique compared to other sites. The safety and privacy of their clients are their top priorities. You do not need to worry about your account being compromised. The site does not use bots or spam accounts to send comments.

They also ensure that the comments you get are related to your niche. These guys are a great option if you are looking for a site where you can get productive results. You can always count on them for reliable Instagram service whenever you need it.

What to Know Before Buying Instagram Likes and Comments in 2023

As said earlier, to boost your Instagram content and make it appear on the Explore page, you need to buy Instagram likes and comments. By this, people will notice you and join in to engage your posts. This is a comfortable way of enhancing your social proof.

The Instagram sites we listed above offer you quality Instagram services. However, do you know that several sites in the industry do not mind offering you low-quality Instagram comments? This is the reason you need to do a deep research before patronizing any Instagram growth service online.

Also, you should know that what works for another IG account might not work for yours. This is why you need to work with professional sites that are experienced in the game. Only a professional like any of the sites we have shared can tailor a suitable package for your account growth.

As long as they offer you quality comments and likes, you should be sure of getting good results quickly. Before fully engaging yourself on any of these sites listed, you need to experiment with them and know the one that is best for you before counting on them.

By doing so, you will have no reason to regret investing your cash. However, rely on more than just Instagram likes and comments for full engagement. You can also buy followers, and views to balance the engagement and bring the right audience to your brand.

Reasons for Buying Instagram Likes and comments

Just like some individuals would think that investing in comments and likes is not worth it, take a look at some of the advantages of buying Instagram comments, likes, followers, and views:

●      Enhance Your Online Presence

When you purchase Instagram comments and likes, you make users on the platform know that you are there to engage with them. So when they see your content upload, they naturally like and comment on them.

The more comments and likes on your posts the more attention it gets. This alone enhances your online presence. When there are many comments and likes on your posts, users would want to check out what is happening and might go further to checking your previous posts thereby stirring more engagement to old posts as a result.

People would want to follow you when they see that the content you are having is what they are interested in.

●      Grow Your Followers

When you have content on your account with high engagement, you will attract many followers to your page. More than half of those who visit your profile may end up clicking the follow button. If your content is known to have a high participation rate, Instagram would automatically rank your account.

Your account would appear in front of those interested in your brand and what you offer. More followers would come in for you too.

Daily, random individuals see your account but might not follow because you need to know what attracts them. But, as soon as you buy IG comments and likes from reliable sources, you would see how they would come and want to stay with you.

●      Helps to Gain Popularity

From your likes and comments, how people react to your posts. Comments on your page tell new visitors more about you and they perceive you. Anything can go viral on the internet without your expectation.

Therefore, you must always buy Instagram comments and likes that will positively benefit your account. You need to find out who might be out there watching your account and wants to collaborate with your brand.

●      Boosts Audience Involvement

Do you know that as soon as people see your lots of comments and likes on your IG posts they would want to join the community and become a part of it? They want to participate and drop their comments too.

Therefore your audience involvement grows as you get more comments and likes on your posts.

Connecting with companies who can help you gain this type of engagement and grow your account just as you desire is worth every penny. Comments and likes make your page credible and encourage people to participate in whatever is happening in your community.

●      Save Time

Another good reason for buying Instagram likes and comments is that it saves you time. Note that the bigger your Instagram account grows, the more time it wants to get from you. If you are highly engaged with other activities and you have a growing account to handle, how would you cope?

This is why we recommend you work with experienced professionals in social media management.

Since you do not have the time to focus on IG engagement or content, you need someone to keep that part of your going smoothly. Here is where buying likes and comments are recommended. With this in place, your time will be well managed and you can also get a good result on your Instagram page without wasting your time.

●      Attract More Brands

When other brands visit your page, all they want to check out is the kind of engagement your page gets on posts. There are several accounts with many followers but do not have good engagements.

Brands will not consider partnering with your brand if you do not have the engagement that is worth it. This is why it is good to buy Instagram likes and comments to get other brands to your page and collaborate with you.


You have seen that you need to buy Instagram likes and comments to grow your page engagement and bring in other goodies. Your account credibility is important. What people see when they come across your page will either keep them or make them go.

So to keep your audience, you must take the right step and be sure to patronize a company that offers real and safe comments and likes.

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