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[100% Works] 2024 Best Monster Hunter Now Joystick for iOS/Android! NO Root!!

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Monster Hunter is a popular geolocation game that grabbed over 10 million installs in just 35 days of launch. It has even become the second-biggest Niantic game.

Monster Hunter Now offers gamers action-packed battles with rare monsters. However, the game's major downside is that it demands physical movement of the player to hunt monsters and get new weapons. But every player can't travel to different places to hunt monsters. This is where Monster Hunter Now Joystick comes into play.

A Monster Hunter Now joystick is a GPS spoofing joystick that can change phone location and make the in-game avatar walk virtually. It makes the avatar move to different locations in the game and hunt monsters without walking.

However, it is important to choose the best joystick for Monster Hunter Now to avoid getting banned. This is what we will learn in this guide, i.e., the best joystick for iOS/Android.

Part 1. What is the Key Role of Monster Hunter Now GPS joystick?

Monster Hunter Now GPS joystick removes the geo-restrictions of the game and maximizes the gaming experience for players. Some of its key roles are as follows:

1.     Imitate Walking

Monster Hunter Now GPS joystick allows you to stimulate walking within the game. This helps to easily explore different areas and hunt monsters without stepping a single foot in the real world.

2.     Direction Controls

The joystick for Monster Hunter Now not only spoofs GPS location, but it also offers 360° movement direction control. You can use the joystick to move the avatar in any direction naturally.

3.     Attack Precision

When battling with monsters, the joystick helps in accurate monster targeting. This helps to increase the damage output significantly.

4.     Effortless Exploration

The Monster Hunter Now fake GPS joystick allows you to explore different premises of the game effortlessly. You can change location on Android/iOS to the targeted coordinates and then use the joystick to explore the surroundings seamlessly.

5.     Speed Controls

Another cool feature that comes with the MH Now spoofer joystick is the speed controls. It allows you to choose the medium to travel (walk, cycle, bike, and car) and then adjust the speed of the avatar accordingly. This way, you can have natural movement in the game and avoid getting noticed for suspicious movement.

Part 2. How to Safely Spoof Monster Hunter Now on iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Now that you know the game-changing role of the Monster Hunter Now joystick, the next question is how to change phone location and use the joystick for MH Now without getting banned. This is where PoGoskill comes into play.

PoGoskill is the best and safest Monster Hunter Now spoofing iOS and Android tool. It can easily change phone location to any street, city, or country of your choice. Afterward, it allows you to easily move around in a 360° direction with a joystick. In addition, it can adjust movement speed and also comes with a cooldown timer to prevent you from making location changes frequently.

The main features of PoGoskill are as follows:

  • Change iPhone/Android location to anywhere in the world with no root & jailbreak.
  • Easy-to-use joystick for 360° virtual movement with precise control.
  • Adjustable moving speed with various options, such as walking, driving, and cycling.
  • Auto-walk the in-game character back and forth across specified two-spot or multi-spot routes.
  • Cooldown timer to prevent frequent location changes.
  • Save favorite locations/routes for quick revisits.
  • Enhanced route planning with map zoom in/out.
  • Simultaneously change the location of up to 15 iOS/Android devices.
  • Compatible with almost all the latest/old iOS and Android devices.

In short, PoGoskill incorporates all the features to offer the safest and best experience of spoofing GPS location in Monster Hunter Now.

Follow the below steps to learn how to change phone location on iPhone and use the joystick with PoGoskill:

Step 1. Download and on your computer (Windows/Mac). From the main home screen, click the “Start” button.

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Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable or Wi-Fi by following the on-screen instructions.

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Step 3. Search for the location where you want to teleport and then click the “Joystick” button from the top right corner.

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Step 4. Specify the movement speed and then tap “Modify Positioning”. You will notice that your in-game character will teleport to the exact location.

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Step 5. Use the joystick to move around the surroundings and hunt down the monster.

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This way, you can easily use the PoGoskill intuitive tool to spoof GPS location on iPhone and then use the joystick for Monster Hunter Now for an enhanced gaming experience.

Part 3. How to Safely Spoof Monster Hunter Now on Android without PC?

Just like the iPhone, PoGoskill also allows you to safely spoof Monster Hunter Now on Android. It offers a dedicated Play Store app that provides a seamless way to change phone location and use the joystick to enjoy gameplay virtually.

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Follow the below steps to learn how to change your location on Android without a computer using the PoGoskill Android app:

Step 1. Install the PoGoskill app on Android from the Google Play Store. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set PoGoskill as a mock location app.

Step 2. Use the search bar to enter the address of the location where you want to teleport and then click “Edit Location”. Once done, your phone's GPS location will be modified.

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Step 3. Click the “Monster Hunter Now” game mode from the right sidebar and then install the custom mod of the game as instructed.

Step 4. Click the “Joystick” icon from the bottom left side.

Step 5. Adjust the speed and drag the joystick to move anywhere you want. Your in-game avatar will also move in the same direction.

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That's it! This way, you can easily use the PoGoskill MHN spoofer app and spoof GPS location to navigate anywhere you want in Monster Hunter Now.

Part 4. Tips for Using a Joystick When Spoofing Monster Hunter Now

When using a joystick for Monster Hunter Now, there are chances that you get soft-banned by the game for spoofing GPS location. However, you can reduce the chances of getting flagged/banned by using the joystick smartly.

Below are some useful tips to consider when using Monster Hunter Now joystick:

1.     Set a Realistic Speed: When using the joystick, make sure you mimic natural movement. Set a realistic speed using the adjustable speed option and then use the joystick, assuming that a real person is walking.

2.     Keep Your Location Spoofing as Natural as Possible: Do not vary your routes frequently or jump to different places in a short span. Keep your use of the Monster Hunter Now joystick as natural as possible to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

3.     Do Not Overdo Location Spoofing: Keep the use of the joystick limited. If you use it excessively, it can trigger suspiciousness.

Overall, the joystick for Monster Hunter Now is a great way to change phone location, but it should be used naturally to enhance the gaming experience without getting banned.

Part 5. Conclusion

Monster Hunter Now joystick is the best way to change phone location and spoof around the gameplay without walking. To leverage the joystick, all you need is a safe and feature-rich MH Now spoofer tool. That's what this guide presented in detail with PoGoskill.

By following the steps discussed above, you can use PoGoskill's intuitive joystick to maximize your gaming experience without stepping a single foot outside. However, keep your movement natural and avoid overdoing location spoofing to minimize the risk of getting banned.

Part 6. FAQs about Monster Hunter Now Joystick

  1. Can you get a joystick for Pokemon Go?

Yes, you can also spoof Pokemon GO with PoGoskill. Just like Monster Hunter Now, PoGoskill lets you spoof GPS location for Pokemon GO and then use the joystick to talk around and catch Pokemon.

  1. Why is GPS JoyStick not working?

GPS joystick not working can be due to multiple reasons, as follows:

  • Software glitches may interfere with the joystick.
  • The “confidential” mode may interfere with GPS functionality.
  • The device may not be compatible to support the joystick feature.
  • Incorrect settings or other configuration errors can also cause the GPS joystick to not work properly.
  1. Can you get banned for using a joystick in Monster Hunter Now?

Using a joystick is against the Monster Hunter Now terms of service. It is because players get an unfair advantage of spoofing GPS anywhere they want without walking. That's why Niantic can ban your account to keep the gameplay fair for everyone. However, you can avoid this from happening if you don't overdo location spoofing and keep the movement natural.

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