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8 Mind-Blowing AR Solutions to Look Up to in 2024

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Augmented reality (AR) can transform how we interact with the world. As technology advances rapidly, 2024 will become a breakthrough year for innovative AR applications. According to most projections, AR solutions will shine the most in the upcoming few months as the number of people using AR rises above 1.4 billion. Here are eight mind-blowing AR solutions that will take center stage in 2024:

1. Immersive Shopping Experiences

Retailers can use AR to let shoppers visualize products in real-world settings before buying. By holding up their phones, customers can see how furniture would look in their living room or how an outfit fits their body. Not only will the customers be able to enjoy more freedom in their shopping experiences, but the retailers will be able to make changes according to their preferences and optimize the experience for all groups of customers

It reduces returns and creates an engaging, personalized shopping journey. IKEA already has an app that shows true-to-scale 3D models of their furniture in your home. In 2024, expect Amazon, Target, and other major chains to follow suit.

2. Enhanced Work Collaboration

During the launch of Vision Pro, the future of work with AR was shown and expressed, but 2024 will finally bring life to this idea as more and more companies implement this to optimize their work environment. Remote teams will use AR for more effective communication,  overlaying stats, notes, and instructions onto shared views of physical assets. On-site workers can access remote expert assistance hands-free thanks to AR glasses and heads-up displays. Multinational companies will save time and money by enabling seamless cooperation between distributed teams.

3. Immersive Entertainment

Movies, concerts, and amusement parks will use AR to provide one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences. Imagine watching Harry Potter battle Voldemort in your living room! Musicians are already using AR effects in live shows today, but in 2024, concerts will use AR full-fledged. Theme parks will also integrate AR cameras, overlays, and haptic feedback into ride vehicles to amp up the adrenaline rush. One of the best examples of AR in entertainment is Super Nintendo World, which aims to give users a unique experience to enjoy their favorite games like Super Mario and Mario Cart. Many other big shots, like Walt Disney, are also developing their immersive entertainment systems based on AR.

4. Advanced Navigation and Driving

Drivers can access augmented windshield displays, providing dynamic informational overlays like speed, traffic alerts, and navigation directions layered onto the roadway. Pedestrians will navigate using advanced mobile AR apps showing paths, points of interest, and helpful place-based data. It will allow for safer, more streamlined commutes and exploration. In 2024, many global giants like Apple and Google are expected to launch the full potential of these features into their navigation apps, taking the use of GPS to an entirely different level.

5. AR Advertising

Another field that can see a significant boost is advertisement. With marketing campaigns from brands like Pepsi to IKEA, AR advertising and ideas surrounding it have got their fan following, with more exciting ideas and campaigns becoming the norm. In 2024, more brands are expected to follow the approach and introduce AR advertisements in their advertisement campaigns.

6. AR for Education and Learning

AR will transform learning, replacing paper-based study materials with dynamic 3D guides, making education exciting and more efficient at the same time. The AR learning experience is an upgrade to the times when education was confined within the boundaries of the classroom to enhance learning. You can use interactive learning modules thanks to AR glasses or headsets.

It makes it more feasible because it allows instructors to interact with their students in a unique environment where they can show their creativity without investing extra resources, making it more accessible to the masses.

7. Enhanced Remote Health and Wellness

AR in health care would be a revolutionary step towards increasing health and wellness among the masses. Doctors can remotely project AR models of patients for examination and diagnosis. Patients can use AR at home for guided fitness workouts, physical therapy exercises and meditation visualization. Seniors will benefit from AR fall detection and remote health monitoring. Overall, AR enables more connected, informed and proactive healthcare.

Suppose we have to take one example to explain the depth of its effects. In that case, AR-based Robot-Assisted Surgery is a great one, we will see a great boost in this field with AR that will help increase visual and sensory perception, increasing the effectiveness of such surgeries.

8. AR for Fashion and cosmetics Try-on

AR cosmetics will be another rising AR solution along with AR fashion, which is already on a roll with famous brands like Gucci implementing them into their services. AR cosmetics will enable users to try cosmetics with their AR devices without physically trying them.

It also compliments the growth of Fashion AR by providing a combo for consumers to try all their favorite dress pieces and cosmetics without going through all the trouble, making it a potential investment area for many famous brands.


Augmented Reality has made great strides, but experts predict 2024 will be a real breakout year. From shopping to driving, work, entertainment, travel and healthcare, AR promises to transform our daily lives fundamentally. With the continued advancements in hardware capabilities, software innovation, and cloud infrastructure, these 8 AR solutions will move from novelties to ubiquitous utilities in 2024 and beyond. The main reason behind such rapid growth is the pace of adoption among businesses of all sizes that see AR as essential in their future growth. The number of businesses integrating AR into their services will only increase in 2024, making AR-based solutions development one of the most exciting areas to look forward to. If you are looking to integrate such solutions into your business, exploring no-code AR solutions could be the pick. Try out platforms like PlugXR. Test its forever-free version before you make a purchase!

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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