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8 Reasons Why CISSP Certification Is Essential For Your Cybersecurity Career

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The wealth of information possessed by both private and governmental organisations is a worthy treasure to hunt for in today’s world. Holding the potential to harm both the information owner and the organisation, there looms a constant threat of attack by cybercriminals. Therefore, the efforts to safeguard are not just essential but have become akin to mandatory.

In the hunt for qualified professionals capable of imparting protection, the search is for the ones who possess standard validation. With CISSP certification being the world’s premier certification, it is widely sought by industry employers. Besides the stated, there are more reasons indicating its worthiness. Read on to learn more and subsequently decide on your career path.

Understanding CISSP Certification

Holding expertise in imparting a secure cyber environment to work, you need something to validate or prove your capabilities. The globally recognised CISSP certification does the mentioned. Issued by  the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, it is the quality certification awarded upon clearing the exam after meeting eligibility requirements. Earning the certification indicates the candidate is an experienced IT professional capable of effectively managing the organisation's cybersecurity.

Eligibility to Take the Exam

Taking the exam requires the candidate to have at least five years of cumulative paid work experience in two or more of the eight domains. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree makes up for one year of the certification. Similarly, credentials from the list approved by  can also satisfy the one-year experience.

The domains where the candidate must hold experience include:

  • Domain 1: Security and Risk Management
  • Domain 2: Asset Security
  • Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Domain 4: Communication and Network Security
  • Domain 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing
  • Domain 7: Security Operations
  • Domain 8: Software Development Security

CISSP Certification Exam Pattern

Here are the relevant details concerning the CISSP certification exam:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Question format: Multiple choice and advanced innovative items
  • Number of questions: 125 to 175
  • Exam language: English
  • Testing centre: authorised PPC and PVTC Select Pearson VUE testing centres
  • Qualifying marks: 700 out of 1000 points

8 Reasons Why CISSP Certification is Important

There are numerous reasons for the importance of CISSP certification. Here are those listed below:

1.   Quality Standard

CISSP certification's quality is exhibited by meeting the set standards and having been developed through years of research and development. Primarily, it is the first information security credential that meets the stringent requirements of the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard.

Additionally, CISSP certification is also the prerequisite for accredited DoD 8570 IASAE Level III certifications: CISSP-ISSAP and CISSP-ISSEP concentrations. Moreover, it is also required to meet the eligibility requirements of IRAP or the Australian Government Information Security Registered Assessors Program.

2.   Professional Growth

What could be a better time than when there is no competition? With the current requirement of more than 2.9 million CISSP-certified professionals, the qualifying exam now holds maximum employment opportunities. Further, by holding the knowledge and skills, the certified professionals would no longer be limited to employment but could provide independent service.

3.   Outshine in the Crowd

Owing to the difficulty level of CISSP certification, clearing the exam is an achievement. It should be proudly exhibited as such, as it demonstrates the in-depth experience in core concepts of the industry. The certification also indicates the will to learn and grow. Additionally, the certification has also been regarded as the Most Valued Credential Among Employers by the Cybersecurity Trends Spotlight Report, adding to the quality and worthiness of the certification possessor.

4.   Networking Opportunities

The essence of networking is known to everyone in the corporate world. CISSP certification comes along with the  membership. It is the gateway to the world’s largest nonprofit association of cybersecurity professionals. With over 1.4 lakh members in the community, the number is growing, further increasing the scope for networking.  Further, candidates can benefit from information about professional development and CPEs via global Secure summits, technical webinars and other perks of being a member.

5.   In-depth Information

Covering the fundamentally essential knowledge to design, implement and manage cybersecurity programs, CISSP is critical for covering core basics. It helps learners to get hold of all the aspects concerning security. With designing, candidates are capable of carrying out the tasks, while through management, they become capable of leading functional teams. With multi-expertise, the CISSP certification holder is well-versed in contributing new ideas and taking them to execution.

6.   Salary Hike

The average CISSP salary is around US $131,030 annually. Security-certified IT professionals tend to make 9% higher than non-certified professionals in regions of North America. The figures increased by 8% when considering Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, 6%  in the Asia-Pacific region, and around 12% more in Latin America. Further, IT professionals with CISSP certification are the third highest earners.

7.   Validation of Expertise

While proving the experience is possible with letterheads, it holds more value when the learnings and skills from experience are justified. With four years of experience and related expertise being the prerequisite, the knowledge and skills gained are put to use, tested, and polished by the test. Hence, the experience is not only visible by simply taking the CISSP certification exam but also holds higher value.

The requirement of a signature from a Certified Information Systems Security Professional to get the certificate is another worthy validation. Further, maintaining the CISSP certification again requires consistently being active and remaining updated in the field. It is the desired and preferred quality while seeking a job.

8.   Worldwide Acceptability

The CISSP certification is a global standard. Regardless of your area of learning, work or residence, your knowledge meets the worldwide requirements if you qualify for the exam. Having said that, global acceptance opens newer and wider paths for the candidates in all the countries of the world.


Understanding the challenges in the hunt for skilled professionals due to the lack of worthy candidates, the importance of CISSP-certified individuals must be well understood by now. Offering insights into candidates' experience and being certified with the best possible evaluation, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals are the current need of the hour. Candidates willing to take the exam to prove themselves are highly encouraged to step forward. With global recognition, the efforts are going to be worth it.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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