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A Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating ipstack Geolocation API in Your Web Application

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With the influence of developing technology, many tools in the world of the internet have appeared on the market.  For example, many data analysis tools and applications help us, in particular, to improve user experience and provide more personalized delivery of various services. The IP geolocation API is one of the prominent tools in this context. IP geolocation APIs have the ability to determine the geographic location of the device a user uses during their online activities.

Today, we apply IP geolocation API technology in almost every domain. This technology is vital for businesses and developers who want to increase customer satisfaction, improve their business processes, and get more traffic. Especially thanks to this API, we can develop more target-oriented strategies. In this article, we will take a closer look at this API. Then, we will integrate it into a web application and test it.

What is the IP Geolocation API?

The most popular among location services on the Internet is IP geolocation API. This API is a programming interface used to determine a user's geographic location on the Internet. The IP geolocation API detects the physical location of a user based on that user's IP address using various data sources.

IP geolocation APIs often use different data sources to provide us with accuracy in determining geographic location. These may include global IP address databases, Wi-Fi networks, GPS information, and various other online resources. These APIs, with their flexible structure and ease of use, are widely used to personalize the user experience of online services and applications, perform local targeting, and strengthen security measures.

Common Use Cases of the IP Geolocation API

IP geolocation APIs provide us with the ability to determine the geographic location of a user via their IP address. Therefore, we can use this API widely in many different fields and sectors.

Here are common use cases of these APIs:

E-commerce and Local Targeting: E-commerce platforms can easily develop local marketing strategies by obtaining users' geographical location information. Local campaigns, discounts, or even product recommendations specific to the user and location can be presented more effectively, thanks to geolocation APIs.

Advertising: The advertising industry frequently uses IP geolocation information to deliver more unique and effective advertisements to the target audience. In this way, advertisers can send more relevant and interesting ads to potential customers in certain geographic areas.

Security and Fraud Detection: One of the most popular use cases of IP geolocation APIs is security. This API can be used in online security systems to help monitor suspicious activity and detect fraud. Alerts can be generated if the user logs in from an unexpected geographic location.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN): IP geolocation information can be used by content distribution networks (CDN) to deliver content to users more quickly and effectively. Very high performance can be achieved by providing content from the server closest to the user's geographical location.

Geo-Restrictions and License Control: Software companies and other online service providers can easily impose specific licensing, access control, or content restrictions on specific regions using IP geolocation information. In this way, it may be possible to control access to certain services by users in certain geographical areas.

The Best IP Address Location API: Ipstack API


If the benefits of location services in web applications have emerged, their use has gradually increased. Nowadays, it is used in almost every business around the world. The increase in popularity of this service has directly increased the number of services providing this service. Today, one of the most reliable web services in the market that provides us with the geographical location corresponding to the IP address is the ipstack API.

Ipstack API is an IP geolocation API that is also used by global businesses with national customers such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Airbnb. This API supports more than 2 million locations around the world. It has a very large and global database.

Ipstack API provides very detailed data about the geographical location corresponding to the IP address. This API provides continent code, continent name, time zone, currency, and even connection information in the response it provides. With the detailed data it provides, we do not use additional services for many different needs. We can get all information regarding location from a single API.

Additionally, this API has a developer-friendly structure. It provides developers with ease of integration by providing data in both XML and JSON formats. It can be integrated into all programming languages in just a few steps.

Integrate Ipstack IP Address API into Web Application

In this section, we will integrate the ipstack API, which is very easy to use and offers us an easy integration process, into the web application. We will develop this web application with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

Get an API Key

The first step of the integration process will be to obtain an API key to use the ipstack API. To obtain this API key, let's sign up for one of the subscription plans offered by ipstack API. It also offers us a free plan limited to 1,000 API requests per month for testing.


After obtaining the API key required to use the ipstack API, we can now develop a web application using this API. With the application we will develop, we will obtain the IP address information of the user entering our website through the ‘Requester IP Lookup' endpoint of the ipstack API. Then, we will write the detailed data about the location in this endpoint response to the screen.

To do this, let's open a file with an HTML extension in the file path where we want to develop the application. Then, let's put the following codes into this file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”en”>

<meta charset=”UTF-8″>
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>
<title>IP Geolocation App</title>
<!- Bootstrap CSS ->
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>
body {
background-color: #f8f9fa;

.container {
margin-top: 50px;

.country_flag {
width: 50px;

table {
margin-top: 20px;

<div class=”container”>
<h2 class=”text-center”>IP Geolocation Information</h2>
<div id=”ipInfoTable”></div>

<!- Bootstrap JS and Popper.js ->
<script src=””></script>
<script src=””></script>
<script src=””></script>

// Function to fetch data from the API
async function fetchData() {
try {
const response = await fetch(“”);
const data = await response.json();
} catch (error) {
console.error(“Error fetching data:”, error);

// Function to display data in a table
function displayData(data) {
const tableHtml = `
<table class=”table table-bordered”>
<th>IP Address</th>
<th>Calling Code</th>
<th>Country Flag</th>
<td><img class=”country_flag” src=”${data.location.country_flag}”></td>
<td>${ =>“, “)}</td>


document.getElementById(“ipInfoTable”).innerHTML = tableHtml;

// Fetch data when the page is loaded



Before running the application, let's put our API key in the ‘YOUR_ACCESS_KEY' field. Then, let's run the application. After running the application, we are greeted with the following screen:

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As we can see from this output, we obtained the geographical location information corresponding to the IP address in a very detailed way with the ipstack API.


Long story short, IP geolocation APIs are powerful tools that allow our users to access geolocation information quickly and effectively. These APIs increase the functionality and efficiency of digital platforms because they can be used in many areas, such as personalizing user experience, geotargeting, security, and analytics. These easy-to-use APIs for developers make web applications more efficient and user-friendly, providing an essential solution for anyone looking to integrate geolocation data.


Q: Why is Ipstack the First Choice of the Many Companies?

A: Ipstack is the first choice of many businesses serving globally today. The most important reasons for this are its fast and reliable data-providing capabilities, large database, powerful analytical tools, and user-friendly interface. Ipstack offers companies a high-level solution to effectively determine the geographical location of the target audience and meet the needs in various sectors.

Q: Does Ipstack Have Free Subscription Plans?

A: Yes, it does. Ipstack API offers its users a free plan limited to 1000 API calls per month for testing purposes.

Q: What are the Characteristics of a Good IP Address API?

A: Important features of a good IP address API include fast response times, wide database coverage, up-to-date data reliability, detailed geographic information presentation, and easy integration opportunities. Additionally, compliance with security standards and user-friendly documentation are also factors that determine the quality of an IP address API.

Q: How can I Integrate an IP Geolocation API into an Application?

A: Integrating an IP geolocation API into the application is quite simple. API providers like ipstack typically work with standard HTTP requests over RESTful APIs. You can make API calls in any language or platform you want using the documentation provided by the API provider.


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