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Build a Reliable Partnership with an IT development company

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When a business needs digitalisation or is based on the implementation of a software product, it is necessary to find specialists who will help implement the IT tasks. Custom software development requires a professional team on the board to achieve organisational objectives. PNN Soft is an IT company with 20+ years of experience, and we know how to establish business partnerships successfully.

Analyse the value of the IT company

Start by identifying the business needs and values that you are looking for in your partnera company. The main stage of the purchase of a service or product is the evaluation of the supply. Based on the needs of the project, choose companies that are experts in this matter. Simply put, an expert in the development of mobile games is unlikely to be able to offer quality software for the automation of production processes. To overcome this problem, follow a simple plan to compare the offers.

Technical skills and cooperative models

Much depends on your project, but if we are talking about partnership, it already involves the implementation of a complex custom solution. Valuation of essential technical skills implies learning company services, specializations, languages, and methodologies that the company uses. An exceptional software developer should be able to devise solutions for challenges that may arise at any stage of the software development process.

Models of cooperation are another important aspect that will help you evaluate the flexibility of the company. The main models of cooperation are software development from scratch, dedicated development teams for specific stages (project-based models), and IT outstaffing teams or staff for specific tasks. All mentioned offer various ways to define scope, manage resources, team communication, and mitigate risks.

Experience and talent pool

The fact of the experience is not disputed when it comes to professionalism. PNN Soft has 20 years of experience, which is supported by an extensive portfolio. When studying the market, it is important to pay attention to the study of the personnel of the company. So PNN Soft recruits experts from around the world, which allows for a more flexible offshore software development process.

Pricing Models make sense for the partnership

IT companies offer their customers several payment models. The most common is the Time and Material (T&M) model. This model is most flexible and suitable for large projects. Hourly rates, equipment costs, subcontractor markups, and material expenses are typically agreed upon in advance.

The fixed development price is suitable for customers who have a small project to develop and a strict budget.

What is also important for a successful partnership

Shared values, transparent and flexible communication, organisation, and clarity of work. At first glance, there are obvious aspects that have received little attention. When the customer identifies several companies with which he is interested in cooperation, the communication phase begins. The customer can consult various companies, and learn more about employees, and similar projects with which the company worked. To discuss the main points of cooperation, communication, and organisation. PNN Soft is always ready to provide its software development services.

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