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Building a Strong Employer Brand in London To Attract Top Executives

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If you are growing your company and want to invest in quality employees from the beginning, you are going to have to prove yourself to your prospective employees almost as much as to your potential clients. This is because the very top flight of executives know their worth, have worked their way up through the start-ups and nearly-theres and now want to devote their time and considerable expertise to a concern that will not only grow and develop thanks to their input, but that will look after them in turn. No one wants to back a losing horse and have to start again from a low point. Let's have a look at how you can build a strong employer brand in London and attract the top executives to your doorstep. Be a Known Quantity Work with headhunters to collect a team of people that is a mix of those who are proven assets or enthusiastic newcomers with lots of fresh perspectives and new ideas. This diverse mix (and actual diversity has been proven to be beneficial too) works by creating a unique but fertile space from which your company will harvest the best of all worlds. If you're not sure where to start looking for such a group of people, enlist the help of a top London recruiter, such as those found at Having a reputable recruiter working alongside you can help to sell you to candidates who don't know you, but who do know and trust the recruiter from previous interactions.
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Network Working with your chosen recruiter if you aren't confident in the practice of networking, take steps to get your business name and your personal reputation known (positively, of course!) in the places where high-level deals and discreet networking takes place. This can mean attending charity dinners and auctions, joining a social club (ensuring that its rules meet your personal values), or attending jobs fairs at prestigious universities and private schools – get them young and train them in your ways! Offer Excellent Packages Once you have a good pool of potential candidates to draw on, make sure that what you are offering is generous enough to hook their interest right away, and, at least at first, offer a sliding scale to ensure that they work hard to achieve each target as it hoves into view. Quite often, with executives coming to you after years of success elsewhere, money is no longer the primary draw (while still being exceedingly important, of course!). Instead, they will be looking to pensions, perks, prestige and promotions – the four Ps of successful executive recruitment! Which brings us to… Picture 1 6 What Does Your Ideal Candidate Want? In interviews and meetings with your ideal candidate, don't rush to lay out the package you have thought that you might offer. Instead, ask what they want: now, in five years, in ten, and before retirement, if they are to stay loyal – employee loyalty is a huge saving to businesses, high staff turnover being a red flag for other potential applicants as well as literally costing money to train and retrain staff over and over. Once they have given you their ideal criteria for accepting the job, you can begin to haggle, giving way where you feel you are able, but perhaps making other concessions contingent on meeting KPIs and targets. By meeting all the above criteria, you are sure to soon gather a team of dedicated employees who will actively work to grow your business and earn more than their salaries in pure profit.

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