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Common Budgeting Mistakes that Most People Make

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Good financial habits are not built in a day like Rome. It is imperative to know how budgeting can affect your life. The life we have and the life we wish to have makes all the difference to our budget. We might think that we manage our finances well. However, we still end up making poor budget choices. Committing to a budget and making wise financial choices will give you a great start to plan your finances well. Creating an effective budget is key to managing your finances well and living a debt-free life. However, you need not worry thinking that the ‘Budget’ brings up associations with depriving yourself of living the life you want. All you need to care about is designing an ambitious budget to achieve your goals.

We have curated some of the budgeting mistakes that people make and life changes you must consider to know your finances well.

Avoiding to write the budget down

We tend to think that we have done all the math related to budget in our head. However, we make a huge mistake by thinking so. You must realize the importance of penning down your budget and allocating your money accordingly to save yourself from overspending. Writing down all your expenses is quite important because this will only help you reach your financial goal. After all, chances are that you will more likely stick to it if you see it every day and will be reminded of the budget that you have made.

Giving a blind eye to tracking expenses

One of the common mistakes that people make is they turn a blind eye to their money while spending and avoid taking note of it. However, inculcating this habit is quite crucial if one plans to manage his/her finances well. Yes, people do struggle to track their spending habits but noticing where your money is going is important. It is equally important to take note of it to help you understand what you are spending on. Even a small amount spent by you should be noted down in your budget because it will help you navigate where your money is going and will help you gain control of your expenses.

Not keeping emergency funds

Whilst planning the budget, we forget to keep room for our emergency expenses. Emergencies can occur without knocking at your door. However, keeping your funds separate is imperative for such emergencies. If you fail to do so, it will throw your budget into a major loop. Even though you can visit the Paisabazaar website, check credit score for free and apply for the loan, but you need to have some funds in your kitty to meet your emergency expenses.

It is recommended to save three to six months' worth of living expenses. In case you lose your job or any emergency occurs, you will have funds to save you from the financial crisis.

Not cutting down your expenses

Living in the present is a great saying, however, you need to live tomorrow as well. Hence, you have to watch your expenses and see where you can cut some to save money and be on budget. Make a list of all your expenses that you did in a month and see what expenses can be reduced. You will find yourself splurging when you could have just cut that expense out. You cannot cut down on fixed expenses. However, keeping a watch on an expense that you don’t need can save you a lot.

Keep in check your budget failures

If you find yourself going out of your budget always, this means that you are not keeping a check on your spending. You need to ensure that you are making adjustments to your budget and following your budget religiously. Keep a watch on your overspending habits and be vigilant while you make expenses. You need to form a budget that is realistic and flexible for you.

Feeling of discouragement

We often find ourselves feeling discouraged while we make our budget or if we fail to follow it as planned. Budget helps you plan well for finances in the future. Hence, if you are not in alignment with your budget and you feel low, it is because you have not been given enough time to plan and follow it. You need to ensure that the budget is fun and includes all those things that you would want to do to keep you happy. Try to stick to your budget as and when necessary.

Don’t set unrealistic budgeting goals

Setting unrealistic goals for budget knowingly that you will not be able to achieve will only make you feel stressed and burdened. Your budget will function as you make it function. Hence, you have to understand your finances first and set your budget accordingly. If you are sacrificing your needs and wants while making your budget then you are being unrealistic about it. You need to build your budget around you and not others.

To sum it up, budgeting is an important step to achieving your financial goals and saving up for your future needs. Hence, without a budget, you will not be able to have a secure financial life. Budgeting gives you a brief idea of where your money is going and how you should manage it. Splurging without thinking can land you in trouble in the future if not in the present. Addressing your budget will help you gain control over your finances, make informed decisions, and make a healthy financial life.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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