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Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery

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Digital money is widely used these days by blockchain enthusiasts and Internet users in general. It is known for its anonymity and security. It is rather difficult if not nearly impossible to trace cryptocurrency transactions, which makes crypto tokens so popular. However, this can be a disadvantage as well, as online scammers still find different elaborate ways to steal crypto from owners. Luckily, cryptocurrency tracing to recover your lost crypto assets is still possible with the help of professional recovery services. Broker Complaint Alert is a team of money recovery professionals who can help with retrieving stolen or lost cryptocurrency. In this article, you will learn more about recovering stolen crypto and types of cryptocurrency scams.

Broker Complaint Alert Solutions

BCA is a helpful service that investigates crypto fraud and can help cryptocurrency owners with retrieving stolen funds. To do so, victims of crypto theft need to file a complaint and wait for feedback from BCA. Here is what you can expect from the Broker Complaint Alert crypto recovery service:

  • Careful report assessment: After receiving a complaint, BCA assesses the situation thoroughly. A specialist is then selected to fit the specific case and work on it effectively until the money is retrieved.
  • Instant client support: Client care is available round the clock. The managers are ready to answer any questions about cryptocurrency scams and help with your next steps.
  • Retrieving crypto: BCA collaborates with a range of different institutions to be able to save client’s money quickly and efficiently,
  • Custom solutions: As every client’s complaint is different from the others, BCA makes sure to come up with custom-made strategies for each case. This allows for solving all cases effectively and achieving the desirable results.

BCA is ready to help with a wide range of online money scams, including cryptocurrency scams, Forex fraud, romance scams, and more.

Reporting a Cryptocurrency theft

It is very simple and convenient to receive crypto fraud and asset recovery services with BCA. To file a complaint, follow this quick guide:

  • Go to the Broker Complaint Alert web page.
  • Open the “Report a scam” option.
  • Fill in the form to file a complaint.
  • Provide your contact information and specify all the details about your situation. Offering a detailed description of crypto theft is important to make the investigation easier.
  • Submit your report.

After completing the form all you need to do is wait for the reply from Broker Complaint Alert. A trained professional will be chosen to assist you in this case until the money is retrieved safely.

The Variety of Crypto Scams

Cryptocurrency scammers invent new ways to steal money every day. There are a few of the most popular crypto scams that all blockchain users need to be aware of. Knowing about these scams and how they work will increase your chances of keeping your funds safe. Here are some of the key crypto scam types:

  • Romance. Romance scams are widespread online. Cyber thieves use dating apps and websites to meet crypto users and gain their trust. After that, they invite victims to join some investment schemes or simply send them crypto tokens.
  • Phishing: It is a common online scam technique that involves sending victims an email with a link. Such links lead to fraudulent websites that fish out the personal data of crypto users. This trustfulness might lead to people sharing their info, such as crypto wallet keys. Scammers steal this info and use it to scam people for money.
  • Scam giveaways: Social media platforms are a great place to host giveaways. Scammers often create fake crypto giveaways that promise great returns in tokens. People either submit their crypto to enter such giveaways or share their personal data. Scammers then simply steal this cryptocurrency.
  • Impostors: Another strategy for cryptocurrency scammers is to pretend to be someone else or a trustworthy institution. People then believe they are talking with a crypto specialist, a customer support manager, or a governmental representative and share their personal information.

There are many more scam types, but these are the most popular ones. Always be mindful of who you are talking to online and do not share your personal data with anyone.

Ways to Avoid Being Scammed

If you are a cryptocurrency owner, make sure to follow these tips to avoid the most common mistakes. Online scammers always seek out your sensitive spots and know how to lure the necessary information. Here are some useful pieces of advice:

  • Always keep your cryptocurrency wallet key to yourself. This information should be kept private at all times.
  • Avoid people who promise you quick crypto gains or huge returns on your investment. These are always a scam as there is no way to earn money so quickly and easily.
  • After meeting someone through dating apps, meet them offline or through a video call. Be 100% sure about your online acquaintances before sharing your personal or banking information with them.
  • When a celebrity contacts you online promising crypto gains, double check and make sure that they are a real person and not an impostor. Celebrity and business accounts are often verified.

Following these simple tips, you can usually avoid most cryptocurrency scams. However, crypto scammers always come up with new techniques. If you have already lost your tokens to a scammer, contact BCA quickly and provide a detailed report. Specialists will reach out to you quickly and provide the necessary support.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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