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Cryptocurrency Trading: 4 Strategies to Make Money with Crypto

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Cryptocurrency trading

Many people are interested in diving into the world of cryptos.  They want to turn their Bitcoins into cash because there are many success stories of traders who have made millions of dollars.  They have learned the trick of jumping into the market early when prices are low and out when prices are high.  Others have made a decent income through cryptocurrency mining.

On the other hand, some who have cryptocurrency trading accounts have not made money.  They either gave up along the way or lost their money due to the lack of knowledge about crypto trading.  Indeed cryptocurrency is a relatively new field, and many investors are jumping into it as the crypto assets gains.

Newcomers no longer need to guess how to make money from trading cryptocurrency.  This article highlights 5 strategies to make money with crypto assets.

Strategies for Making Money through Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading cryptocurrency is one of the great ways of making money.  Crypto assets are highly volatile and present a high degree of risk.  However, you can easily trade crypto if you have good knowledge or expertise.  The crypto market is also relatively smaller compared to the foreign exchange market.  But because it has a lot of volatility, you can make money through short-term trades.

Further, the industry has great growth potential because many traders are becoming familiar with it.  There are also many cryptos in the market, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, ElonGate, AMP, and many more.  Many cryptocurrency trading platforms help traders make money with crypto assets.

Here are additional strategies that can help you make money with cryptos.

Buying and Holding

Buying crypto assets and holding them for longer can give you huge returns.  The reason is that the cryptocurrency market has tremendous long-term growth potential but is highly volatile in the short term.  For instance, investors of Bitcoin when it was first launched in 2009 or Ethereum in 2015 have earned significant returns.

Therefore research or identify more stable assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and invest in them as early as possible.  You will only pay a tiny fraction of one cent, but their long-term price increase makes them a safe investment,


You can take a long or short position based on your expectation of a specific crypto asset.  Using your analytical and technical skills, you can determine whether the asset price will increase or decrease in the short term and trade it.

The good news is that there are many short-term opportunities in a volatile market.  Proper market chart analysis can help you identify the performance of the listed assets and make accurate predictions.  This can help you make money, whether it's a bullish or bearish market.


Cryptocurrency mining is a vital aspect of the Proof of Work mechanism.  Mining is where the actual value of a crypto asset is determined.  You can mine cryptocurrency if you have an upfront and ongoing investment and technical expertise on specialized hardware and be rewarded with new coins.

Alternatively, you can make a decent income through passive cryptocurrency mining protocol because it doesn’t need a huge down payment or technical skills.  This means you make money by purchasing an Investor Pass NFTs or the coin through the protocol.

Staking and Interest

These two concepts enable an investor in the cryptocurrency market to earn income on their idle digital tokens.  Crypto staking involves validating crypto transactions without spending your coins.  You can do that by locking them in a cryptocurrency wallet and receiving a reward when a Proof of Stake network uses your coins to validate transactions.  The algorithm will pick you or another transaction validator based on the volume of coins you have committed, or you're lending the network.

The second method is lending other investors your coins and earning interest.  Many platforms support crypto lending.  You can also open a crypto interest account, deposit your tokens and earn interest.


Cryptocurrency trading and other considerations can help you earn good profits in this industry.  Investing in promising digital assets as early as possible is the overall best strategy to make from crypto assets.  However, before diving into this rich virtual world, you must have considerable knowledge and expertise or invest through a cryptocurrency trading platform.

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