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David Bartenwerfer Pioneers Quantitative Methods in Real Estate Investment as Co-Founder and CTO of REALbasis

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David Bartenwerfer

David Bartenwerfer, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of REALbasis Inc., is at the forefront of innovation in real estate asset management. His company is dedicated to helping investors achieve above-market returns by applying advanced quantitative methods to identify top markets and cash flow-producing assets.

Bartenwerfer is also the founder and principal of Quantum Consulting and Technology, a company he's operated for nearly two decades, where he has been instrumental in driving profitable growth through strategic thinking, sophisticated analytics, technology, and change management across various industries.

David Bartenwerfer's Career and Background 

With over thirty years of experience, David's expertise spans strategy, technology, product management, and operations, having made significant impacts at leading organizations such as The Boston Consulting Group, Charles Schwab, Verizon, Genesys Technologies, Yahoo!, eBay, Webvan Group, and the US Department of Defense.

David Bartenwerfer’s academic credentials are equally impressive. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Systems Engineering with high distinction from the University of Virginia, where he also minored in applied mathematics and economics.

His rigorous educational background underpins his professional success, providing a strong foundation for his analytical and strategic capabilities.

An Innovative and Strategic Thinker 

Throughout his career, David Bartenwerfer has demonstrated an exceptional ability to lead cross-functional teams in fast-paced, competitive environments. His collaborative management style and creative problem-solving skills have consistently exceeded expectations and achieved outstanding results. His work has earned him recognition as an innovative thinker and a strategic leader.

In addition to his professional achievements, David is an avid writer, contributing several articles on applying advanced analytics to business strategy and operations. His insights and thought leadership influence the industry and inspire peers and colleagues. Furthermore, his efforts in the real estate industry have enabled him to apply for a patent for his processes in applying analytical rigor to identifying top residential real estate markets and micro-markets.

David is also a passionate world explorer, having traveled to over 100 countries. His global experiences have enriched his professional perspective, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and enhancing his ability to navigate the complexities of the international business landscape.

Bartenwerfer's blend of strategic insight, analytical expertise, and global perspective positions him as a leader poised to drive continued success and innovation in any organization.

David Bartenwerfer's Expertise in Finance, Strategy, and Data Science

  • Algorithm Development: David has developed a series of nested algorithms to identify optimal micro-markets that consistently generate above-market returns through exceptional cash flows and net operating income.
  • Predictive Methodologies: He has created innovative methodologies to predict the success or failure of investment projects. These methodologies leverage advanced financial analyses and aggregate outputs from machine learning and statistical models.
  • Simulation Models: David Bartenwerfer built a generic simulation model utilizing Monte Carlo simulations. This model goes beyond expected value analysis to accurately assess the true risk of projects meeting investment thresholds.

Technological Innovation

  • Software Architecture: David designed specifications for a comprehensive software architecture that manages the entire value chain of back-office operations for investment management.
  • Optimization Mechanisms: He devised mechanisms for optimization and continuous learning within the investment industry, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

David Bartenwerfer's unique blend of expertise in finance, strategy, data science, and technology positions REALbasis Inc. as a real estate investment industry leader, driving superior returns and innovation.

David Bartenwerfer Drives Profitable Growth as Founder and Principal of Quantum Consulting and Technology

David Bartenwerfer, Founder and Principal of Quantum Consulting and Technology, has been a transformative force in the business world since 2006.

Based in San Francisco, California, Quantum Consulting and Technology leverages innovative quantitative methods and strategic thinking to help organizations drive profitable growth, gain a sustainable competitive advantage, and become smarter in their operations.

Professional Sports Expertise

  • Financial Due Diligence: David led due diligence for investments in three professional sports franchises and one regional sports network, where his financial expertise was instrumental in ensuring sound investment decisions and maximizing returns.
  • Analytical Frameworks: He created analytical frameworks to identify and quantify factors that drive synergies in conglomerates, optimizing their operations and financial performance.

Customer and Prospect Insights

  • Predictive Analytics: Bartenwerfer employed predictive analytics and optimization to improve acquisition ROI. Using custom frameworks and techniques like MTA and MMO, he enhanced customer retention through Markov algorithms that identified revenue leakage and reduced churn.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: He mapped customer journeys across marketing and sales to study funnel conversion rates, driving marketing ROI. Additionally, he developed customer and product lifetime value models to optimize long-term strategies.

Sales and Lead Management

  • ROI Calculators: David Bartenwerfer created ROI calculators integrated into sales processes, enabling sales teams to focus on value propositions rather than price, which resulted in a significant competitive advantage.
  • Lead-Scoring Algorithms: He built and implemented lead-scoring algorithms, leading to an impressive $7M annual EBIT gain by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of lead management.

Product Development and Pricing Strategies

  • Resource Optimization: Bartenwerfer optimized developer resources among competing feature options and employed Monte Carlo simulations to assess project risks in cost/benefit analyses.
  • Innovative Product Bundles: He created product bundles using innovative frameworks and pricing models, calculating optimal pricing bands and price elasticity to maximize contribution margins. This led to a $3M annual EBIT gain.

Finance and Strategy Excellence

  • OPEX Evaluation: David Bartenwerfer evaluated all operational expenditures (OPEX), quantifying their impact on key metrics and conversion rates to create a ‘profit equation' for better business driver optimization.
  • Monte Carlo Simulations: He evaluated business cases using Monte Carlo simulations to uncover hidden profits and risks in lifecycle costs and benefits between investment options.
  • Forecast Models: Bartenwerfer built 1- and 5-year forecast models for unit sales, revenues, customer acquisition and retention, profits, and company-wide budgets with zero-based budgeting.
  • Branch Network Optimization: He rebuilt a branch network for over 2000 brokers, saving $45M in annual OPEX and significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Bartenwerfer's innovative approach at Quantum Consulting and Technology demonstrates his commitment to using advanced analytics and strategic thinking to drive exceptional business outcomes.

His leadership has consistently delivered substantial financial gains and operational improvements for his clients.

David Bartenwerfer's Educational Background

David Bartenwerfer earned his Master of Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Finance from the prestigious Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 1995. While at Stanford, he was actively involved with The Reporter, contributing to the vibrant academic community.

Before this, David completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering with minors in Applied Mathematics and Economics. Graduating in 1989 with high distinction, David was recognized as the top student in his Systems Engineering class. Furthermore, Mr. Bartenwerfer led the team that won the prestigious Capstone Project Award, awarded each year to the engineering team that demonstrates the most academically rigorous and economically impactful project, this time with a local manufacturing company. His involvement in academic and extracurricular activities included earning Tau Beta Pi honors and as President of the UVa Floor Hockey Club, further showcasing his diverse interests and commitment to excellence.

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