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From Tea Plantations to Yoga Retreats: Unique Experiences in India's Rural Tourism Sector



Tea Plantations

India's rural tourism sector is growing — the world has finally cottoned on to what India can offer. While trips to New Delhi and Mumbai remain popular, an increasing number of people are making use of India’s nature and spirituality, which it has in abundance.

It also highlights the broader implications of these tourism activities on local communities and the environment, supported by recent policy analysis. India’s economy has already been optimistic in 2023, but now that the nation has opened up in a post-lockdown world along with a simple process for an e visa India, it may also be local rural businesses that see an influx in activity.

Tea Plantations: Economic Impact and Cultural Significance

India stands as the second-largest tea producer globally, with significant plantations spread across Assam, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiri Hills. These regions not only contribute to India's economy through tea exports but also offer a unique tourism experience.

The Tea Board of India reports substantial revenue from both the export of tea and the tourism that these plantations attract. However, the benefits extend beyond economics; tea plantations also play a crucial role in sustaining rural cultures and preserving historical practices dating back to the British colonial era.

Yoga Retreats: Wellness Tourism and Global Appeal

Yoga retreats, particularly in areas like Rishikesh and Kerala, represent a significant component of India's wellness tourism. These retreats use the ancient practice of yoga to offer experiences focused on spiritual and physical well-being. While yoga retreats are often synonymous with Thailand, Bali, and even LA, India is trying to change that — and given their history, they will likely be successful.

The Ministry of Tourism promotes these retreats as part of its ‘Yoga & Wellness' circuit, aiming to capitalise on the growing global wellness tourism market, which the Global Wellness Institute projected to reach $1.3 trillion in 2025. Yoga retreats not only contribute to the local economy but also support the preservation and global spreading of traditional Indian wellness practices. This is a soft power that India deserves.

Sustainable and Cultural Tourism

Rural tourism in India also emphasises sustainability and cultural immersion. Visitors engage with local communities, participate in traditional festivals, learn about indigenous crafts, explore the cuisine, and much more.

This interaction supports local economies and artisans, promoting sustainable development. The trend ultimately turned towards a newfound eco-friendly tourism, something that has been growing in recent years. These are ways to minimise the environmental impact of tourism — something that Western visitors are also on board with.

Policy and Development Implications

The Indian government's role in promoting rural tourism, through initiatives like the Swadesh Darshan scheme, highlights the sector's importance in national development strategies. By focusing on the rural aspect, the aim is to stimulate socio-economic development that is more regionally equitable.

This can also reduce the burden on major cities’ traffic, along with reducing urban migration. But, it’s also about soft power, where India gets to have more influence around the world, given that many major wellness practices are from India, but never practised there by foreigners.


India's rural tourism offers insights into the country's rich cultural heritage. It’s very difficult to understand a country when spending a week in a major city, but through a wellness package, you can tap into deeper values and spiritual values more quickly. This suits India, as they seek more sustainable ways to promote tourism, along with showcasing their culture around the world.

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