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Four Google Podcasts alternatives to check out before it goes off air



Google Podcasts alternatives

In recent days, Google have revealed that they are set to shut down Google Podcasts in the USA and are now urging all users to migrate their subscriptions to YouTube Music.

Google Podcasts, a popular place to house and listen to podcasts, is set to close on April 2 which means users have less than a week to either migrate all of their content to YouTube Music or change how and where they listen to podcasts altogether.

The decision to close down its Podcasts app is an interesting choice by Google but perhaps not entirely surprising given their plans to centralise all audio services under YouTube. However, Google Podcasts has been downloaded more than 500 million times over the years so it will leave a huge gap in the lives of those who use the platform to listen to their favourite podcasts.

Google Podcasts is/was widely regarded as one of the most user-friendly podcast apps. It not only makes it easy for users to follow and listen to their favourites podcasts but it also makes it straightforward to find new podcasts. Filling its boots won't be an easy task but we've provided four alternatives to Google Podcasts below that are worth checking out from April 2 onwards.

Google Podcasts alternatives

Thousands of people in the USA are now looking for a new place to listen to podcasts

Google Podcasts alternatives - Four of the best

Podcast Addict

One of the best Google Podcasts alternatives is Podcast Addict. This app is one of the best podcast listening apps when it comes to personalisation as it allows users to do a whole host of things to make their listening experience as geared to them as possible.

Through Podcast Addict, users can change playback speed, skip silences, boost the volume, auto-skip introductions and credits and make a priority list of podcasts as part of a playlist. All of these features combined make an app that is well worth downloading if you like to enjoy your podcasts in a very specific way.

The free version of the app does contain ads which can be quite annoying but you can remove them for as little as $0.99 per month if you want an uninterrupted listening experience.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a very popular podcast app that is expected to become a lot busier in light of the removal of Google Podcasts.

Through the app, users can organise their subscribed podcasts into categories or priority lists, create custom playlists and make personalisation edits such as removing silences in each podcast and increasing playback speeds if their commute is coming to an end and they want to finish the last part of their favourite podcast.

The app is compatible with all major platforms which means people can access and make use of the platform regardless of whether they are on an Android smartphone or an Apple tablet. More features can be unlocked by paying $3.99 per month for Pocket Casts Plus.

pocket casts


Podbean is quite a unique podcast app and Google Podcasts alternative in that is serves two main functions. Firstly, it is used by podcast creators which means if you fancy giving it a go then you can record within the app before editing your podcast (also within the app) afterwards.

Secondly, you are also able to consume podcast content within Podbean. Some cool features within Podbean for keen podcast listeners include playlist creation and management, and an auto-delete option for played downloads to keep your storage use at a minimum.

For even more features and to earn the right to unlimited playlists, users can purchase a Podbean Golden Member subscription for $9.99 per year. 


The final Google Podcasts alternative to consider is none other than Spotify. Unlike the other Google Podcasts alternatives on this list, Spotify's main and/or sole focus isn't podcasts. They launched as a music streaming service and that is still their priority, however, its podcasts section is certainly impressive.

Through Spotify, you are able to create playlists and a queue for your favourite podcasts, adjust the playback speed and easily discover new and exciting podcasts. The Spotify algorithm is able to identify your interests based on your activity on the platform and then recommend podcasts that fit those perceived interests.

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