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Robot en entreprise

Science fiction novels may not be as unrealistic as you might think. With the development of robotic surgery or the automation of scientific research processes, collaborative robots, or cobots, are revolutionizing the production methods of companies.

Automation of redundant office tasks

Without necessarily realizing it, we have integrated electronic tools or applications into our personal and professional daily life to make our lives easier. We can think of our mobile phone connected to a source of infinite knowledge or intelligent personal assistants to manage life together in a home.

Technological advances have of course improved the standard of living in a company by reducing the number of tedious tasks and especially the number of accidents due to human inattention.

Reliable robotic support for delicate activities

The robot does not replace, but help employees in their tasks. The most significant example is that of robot arm .

Compared to a part of the human body, the robotic arm is a new member that performs delicate tasks with precision. Famous uses such as packaging and palletizing enhance productivity while respecting hygiene standards. This is a big step forward in the food industry and the medical sector!

In the cannabis industry, infusion cobots for pre-rolls are revolutionizing production. Workers oversee these machines as they engage in the precise and efficient infusion process, ensuring consistent quality and maximizing output

For industrial companies and start-ups focused on scientific research, cobots allow high-precision work to be carried out with a reduced error ratio. Their autonomy also facilitates the yield of experiments carried out and of production. This helps to optimize the competitiveness of a business.

Robotic innovations for businesses in 2021

Manufacturers see their factories evolving for a version 4.0 . This new version is partly due to the development of augmented reality. This technology superimposes an image on the perception of a real object. It helps in the creation of a product and participates in the maintenance of a quality part.

The improvement of the exoskeletons marks a desire to democratize this technology in order to help employees, in particular for the movement of heavy objects. That being said, other prototypes are set up, such as the Superflex suit. It was imagined in California to help the elderly in their travels and people with trades that require strength.

Finally, 3D printing is increasing the production rate in factories and providing tremendous results in the areas of health and material physics.

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