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Is It Safe to Lease a Car Online?



Online Car Lease

We got used to doing a lot of things on the Internet. We order food delivery, buy clothes and shoes, talk to our psychologists and can even propose to our loved ones. So, why not lease a car online in this case?

It may sound surprising, but many drivers are still skeptical about online leasing services and are afraid of cheating. However, fraud may occur even if you lease a car IRL in case you are too careless about your dealer. In our view, there are no reasons to refuse this option because it makes the process very convenient. So, let’s see how to make an online car lease deal and whether it is really safe?

Online Car Lease - the Key Points to Feel Safe and Confident

A lot of car leasing companies go online today, and it is quite natural for dealers who want to attract more customers. As the experts of Grand Prix Motors, an auto brokerage firm from Brooklyn, NY, assume, the service is absolutely safe if you keep to the following recommendations:

  • Make sure you are on the right page: Trustworthy dealers usually have quality and well-structured websites. They are easy to navigate and have all contact information for the customers to figure out any details of a future lease. If there are no phone numbers and emails, and all you see is the catalog and a form to request an instant deal, it is very suspicious. Leave the page and don’t provide any data there.
  • Study the catalog carefully: Good companies offer a wide range of makes and models. With them, you can be a success on your Nissan lease deals, Audi signups, or whatever. However, be careful if a dealer promises “anything you want” and there are no these specials in the catalog. Perhaps it is just cheating and someone wants you to pay for nothing. Explore all leasing offers, choose the car you really want, and feel free to figure out if it is available and the condition is good.
  • Negotiate every point of your deal: A reliable dealer provides transparent contracts where all the terms and conditions are set in detail. Moreover, the managers are always eager to clarify the points you don’t understand. If the document is extremely long, the terms are vague and unclear, and there are many passages in fine print, then it is a sign of malicious intent. Stay away from the deal and the company in general.
  • Never pay in advance: You take financial liability at the moment you sign a contract and there can’t be any fees before you do it. For example, Grand Prix Motors offers door-to-door car delivery, and the courier arrives with the documents to sign after you agree on the deal. If a company asks you to make a transfer before you set all the terms, don’t fool for it.

As you can see, online lease deals are as safe as leasing IRL. In both cases you need to keep your eyes open and choose a robust company. Don’t be in a hurry, feel free to find out anything you don’t know, and your online car deal may turn into a great experience.

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