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QR Codes Generator: Top 3 Services to Make Dynamic QR Codes

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A variety of services generating static and dynamic QR codes is overgrowing in the modern market. Each generator offers certain functionality and tariffs. But how can you find the best service corresponding to the needs and purposes of your business or marketing program? What portal to choose, and what qualities should it meet? Are there services with free qr code generator functionality?

To solve the above questions, we suggest you read this article. We have collected the 3 best QR code generators that are trustworthy.

What is the best QR code generator website:

  • #1. - The best service with easy navigation and affordable rates.
  • #2. - Quick QR code generation and easy navigation.
  • #3. QR Codes Generator - Free QR Code generator.

Now that we've glanced at the quick ratings, let's dive into a detailed review of each service to give you a comprehensive understanding of what each platform offers.


Score: 9.3/10

Free QR code generator ViralQR is not in vain and occupies first place in our rating. This portal offers full easy navigation and a great range of services. It perfectly copes with its main tasks in the form of creating black and white codes. The service supports various content types: from plain text to links, business cards, and more. With the help of this tool, it is possible to create a static QR code. It is also equipped with the option of creating a dynamic one. But in the second situation, the capabilities of the unregistered user are limited.

For a more comfortable use of the service and to expand its capabilities as one of the best QR code generator, the site provides the ability to log in. As for the design and visualization, they are made relatively modern and minimalistic. After opening the area, there is no problem understanding what and how to do it. Everything is simple, and the navigation is as comfortable and precise as possible. Each user can create their own unique code while making it stand out more - for this, the change of colors, shapes, and other things is provided.

The presented tool is excellent for those users who have physical objects. For example, this can be the packing of some goods. Also, the service will allow you to generate a code for a virtual page on the World Wide Web where you want to direct your users.

It is relatively comfortable for everybody to cooperate with the portal. Ordinary users who want to generate a static code once and professional marketers who want to create a legend and track the number of transfers to the target pages and other parameters for the quality analysis of the carried out advertising campaign.

Positive characteristics of the service:

  • modern and pleasant design;
  • availability of a free plan so that users can get acquainted with the functionality and try the program;
  • comfortable navigation;
  • availability of a paid plan that allows the use of all the functions of the service.

In general, this portal offers a basic set of options that will be useful for single users and serious people who require a bulk QR code generator for conducting a full-fledged advertising campaign.

For more info, visit


Score: 8.8/10

QRcoDeal doesn't need any particular introduction, as many modern users are well familiar and have already managed to assess the quality of the service, having left much positive feedback after interacting with it. It doesn't matter if you need a QR code generator for a small business card, a product package, or a huge advertising banner. You can create the necessary black and white QR code image in just several clicks to be further scanned and directed to the target page.

The whole process is relatively fast and not too tricky, even for those dealing with such a task for the first time. At first, the user only has to enter a URL or any other type of content (Instagram, Facebook, business card, and more). Then it is enough to click the “Generate” button, and everything will be ready. At the same time, it should be noted that your needs are not limited only by creating a fixed set of symbols. You also need to customize them or conduct other actions (change the color, shape, and so on). You should know that this tool will not offer you anything more and remains relatively simple for these tasks. The main advantage of QRcoDeal is that it is free for all users. Besides, it can be used as many times as it is required.

The positive characteristics of the QRcoDeal service are:

  • the most straightforward interface;
  • the modern design that does not distract from the primary process;
  • it is possible to create generated QR codes in 3 easy steps;
  • allows you to create not only static but also dynamic codes;
  • the service is suitable for any type of content: business cards, banners, and much more;
  • the ability to track the number of scans;
  • advantageously accessible format for all users.

For newbies, there is special instruction on the site, which tells how to appropriately interact with the service.

All in all, if you are searching for a service with straightforward functionality and not overloaded with extra tools, this portal is for you. You can get down to business immediately after loading the page.

For more info, visit

QR Codes Generator

Score: 8.1/10

Modern and convenient service to create codes for various pages. QR Codes Generator service positions itself as the solution №1 for the creation of any things connected with QR. The rating of free QR code generators could not pass without this portal as it offers the optimum set of functions for creating the necessary content.

This portal is perfect for users with a limited budget as it offers to create QR codes absolutely free. This process often takes only a few minutes. In addition, the presented portal is ideal for implementing individual projects. QR Code Generator allows the creation of unique and recognizable codes: it is necessary to set a suitable color, shape, and pattern, and it is also possible to add a frame where the call to action for the target audience will be stated. Also, in addition to the unique design, the user can add his brand logo in the middle of the code to make it unique.

Positive features of the portal:

  • a great free plan with unlimited symbols of fixed type;
  • the most simple tariff plans;
  • large selection of codes: from URLs to reviews and applications;
  • user can adjust the optimal code size in pixels to achieve the maximum resolution;
  • the user can create a custom design depending on their needs.

Overall, QR Code Generator came out as an excellent service that provides its clients a wide range of tools. Users can use many benefits of the portal completely free of charge. After the purchase of the tariff, many more opportunities are provided.

For more info, visit QR Codes Generator


Bonus: we have also added a fourth service that has received the best user reviews.

Score: 7.9/10

Service with a complete set of tools for generating and managing. This service allows you to create dynamic QR codes and offers other features. The generator can be characterized by the word “comprehensive,” given the set of tools. The ease of navigation makes it suitable for most. It is imperative to create an account to download and use the codes.

Learn All About Static QR Code Generators: a Detailed Guide

If creating QR codes is something new and unknown to you, we have created a complete guide to this issue. The following is the most essential information on this topic, with valuable tips on choosing the best generator and recommendations on other important matters.

Static QR Code: What Is It, How to Use It, What Is It For?

Static QRs are not editable once they are created. In addition, they cannot be tracked or used for virtual retargeting. If we consider dynamic QR codes, they provide more opportunities for editing. They can be done many times, and they can also be tracked and redirected to other users from social networks and other resources. Fixed ciphers cannot be rewritten after they are created as part of this image stored information that is not subject to editing.

These codes are helpful in a variety of situations. Most often, they are created for content that does not need to be updated periodically, or they are used in one-time advertising campaigns. Modern users can create a variety of types of codes:

  • For virtual sites. They can be placed on brochures, leaflets, boards, and other physical advertising media. The ready code will be scanned and directed to the stated website. Thus, the process of finding the necessary site is greatly simplified.
  • Electronic. Most often, it provides access to an email address. Accordingly, customers can automatically send a letter to an email box without manually entering the required address. The user can set the email and the body of the letter.
  • SMS. This type of code contains a specific cell phone number and the typed message text. After scanning, the user is redirected to a message with her cell phone number and an already prepared message that just needs to be sent.
  • Text. QR codes campaigns can contain a simple text fragment: a discount coupon, promo, and so on.
  • Business card. A user can create his personal business card with all the necessary contacts. After scanning the image, the user gets access to the cell phone number, email address, and other communications.
  • Wi-Fi access code. With this black and white image, you can significantly simplify entering the code to access the wireless Internet. After scanning, all the data for Wi-Fi access is automatically saved on the gadget from which the scan tracking was performed.

Modern services offer multiple QR codes, of which the user can choose the best one depending on his needs.

QR Code Generator Software - What Is It, and How Does It Work?

QR code platform is a unique online program that generates an image out of black and white squares, where it is possible to encode various information. Platforms offer different QR code types depending on the data to be hidden. For example, a URL can be encoded in this image that directs to a page with text, photos, and other content after scanning it.

What Is a Static QR Code Used For?

This code is suitable for any data that does not change. A static code is an excellent solution for business cards, electronic signatures, contact information, permanent data, and other types of information.

Here's a helpful tip: before submitting a static code to print on labels and other products, ensure it's done correctly and directs you to the correct page.

The most widespread use of static code is for business cards. Many modern QR code generators are equipped with this option, allowing you to make an attractive and convenient business card that is very easy to scan. After making your business card in the form of a code, check whether the data comes directly to the input fields of the contacts on different devices.

Using stable codes for coupons or various promotional campaigns is also a great option. You can create a one-time scannable image that shows a discount code and make it so that it cannot be used twice by the same person. The information cannot be changed or used again. In any case, whichever type is chosen, its generation is relatively quick, simple, and does not take too much time.

How Does a Static Generator Differ from a Dynamic QR Code One?

QR generators create different variants of codes: static and dynamic. One program can be used for the creation of both. The main difference between them is in the way they store and transmit the encoded information:

  • static encodes information directly into itself;
  • dynamic - stores data on the Internet site, and only serves to redirect users to the specified link (it can also be a form placed on the network if they use feedback ones and so on).

Each of them implies different variants of storing data. In addition, the codes have a distinction depending on the functions:


With the tracking option, marketers can scale and implement various measurable campaigns with codes that weren't available. Dynamic codes let you know the number of scans, which devices were used for a given task, where precisely the unlimited scans took place, and google analytics is also available. Dynamic codes that allow for measurement and tracking are best suited if the goal is an agile marketing campaign. With constant monitoring, you can quickly adjust your marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness.

As for stable codes, they cannot be tracked with special tools on the generator panel. The user has no access to statistics and other information on effectiveness. Measuring the quality of the marketing company's work is impossible, so QR code campaigns are often built on static codes.

Error Correction and Modification Option

Dynamic code can be changed if it is necessary. You can edit it rather quickly using the particular navigation bar on the generator toolbar. All code is stored on the site and is divided into folders. Dynamic code allows fixing mistakes and other shortcomings in just a few minutes. The only thing you need to do is to log in to your account at the generator's site. Also, current services have customer support, which will help with any questions about editing information.

The set of symbols of such a type they do not change after they are created. This refers to the code itself and the content that follows it. But still, some things can be changed - the appearance, or it can be reprinted, published on some site, or on a social networking site. Static is the best solution if you just want to share information with code. But you should be very careful when creating it and immediately check for errors before generating it because you won't be able to fix the mistake afterward.

URL Shortening

The peculiarity of dynamic codes is that they use URLs in short form. Due to this, it is possible to simplify the generation of images for quick scanning compared to static ones.

At the same time, the difference between static srt of symbols is that they support URLs that are pre-shortened by a particular external program, if necessary. In this case, the scanning takes longer if the address is not shortened beforehand. In practice, however, the difference in scanning time is practically invisible.

Bulk generation

There is not much of a difference here. Both de and other types of codes can be generated en masse. Bulk creation is performed in CSV format. After that, they are sent to QR code generator apps.

The Verdict: Which Code Is Better

Choosing the best code depends on the objectives, the nature of its use, and the need to monitor the results of the advertising campaign of which it is a part. Suppose it is required to create a one-time QR code to exchange constant unchanged data (or scan statistics) or short-lived ads without the need to analyze their effectiveness. In that case, a static code is perfect for this purpose.

Suppose you need an editable QR code for daily use, which is part of an extensive advertising campaign that needs to be tracked, corrected, and analyzed. In that case, you should pay attention to dynamic code.

If you are sure that the code will not change in the future, static is the best option. This image can be created on every generator without much effort at all.

What Is Better: a Paid Generator of QR Codes or Free Services?

Now it is possible to find a variety of QR code software online, which provides its services absolutely free. Many services have provided advantageous free tariffs for ordinary users. These customization options on a free-of-charge basis are the best option for personal use or past generation. You don't need to register an account on the site to create a unique static code. All you have to do is open one of the best generators, and you can get started right away.

Simple static code generation is often completely free. But that does not mean these services are entirely devoid of paid rates. There are separate premium QR code generators that provide more advanced functionality. Paid plans are relevant only if you need to create dynamic codes. Buying a subscription offers a certain amount or an unlimited number of active codes that can be made. The paid plan also gives you the additional “pluses” in the form of:

  • advanced QR code design customization;
  • compliance with security and data processing requirements;
  • customer service;
  • custom domains and more.

Either way: the choice is up to the user. He can generate a static free QR code and forget about this portal for lack of use. Suppose he needs additional options and a complete set of tools for constant interaction with the service. In that case, it is worth thinking about buying the paid version.

How to Choose the Best Service for the Creation of QR Codes: Critical Criteria

If you enter a query about the best generator of QR codes into the Google search bar, a million results will automatically appear for you. An inexperienced user may think that choosing the best variant corresponding to all the requirements may sound like finding a needle in the haystack. If you can't decide, here are the top 5 essential steps to take:

Check out the expert reviews. Some actual experts have already done all the work for you and compiled entire ratings of trustworthy generators. Our article belongs to such materials because we have presented the above 4 best services and provided an overview.

Choose a site that suits you. Open it. Make sure that the service is as simple and intuitive as possible for you to use. If you can't figure out what to do there, then it's not the best option. Also, do not immediately close the site if you encounter the first problem. Newcomers often do not understand what exactly needs to be done. For this situation, many services provide step-by-step instructions for users on what and how to do it.

Check the quality of customer service. The main factors in this situation are the responsiveness of the support service, attentiveness, and politeness.

Check the operation of the service. You can register on the site and check the free trial version to look closely at the selected resource.

Compare the pricing policies of several sites. If you are planning to buy a subscription anyway, you should compare the rates and features of several sites first. Also, it would not hurt to read independent reviews comparing the various services.

In addition to the above step-by-step guide on choosing the best generator, you should also pay attention to the number of functions the site provides. If you are looking for a suitable site, it is worth checking the following options:

  • Can the appearance of static code be changed? Users can be given the option of changing the frame, color, shape, and rounding corners. Besides QR code images, some generators allow adding the unique brand logo.
  • Is it possible to generate a code from the phone? Modern advanced users will appreciate the availability of a comfortable mobile version.
  • Is it possible to track the efficiency of the generated code? This is relevant for dynamic codes which are used in the marketing campaign.
  • How easy is the service to use? You should definitely like the chosen portal - from the design to the toolbar.
  • How well does the support service work? Most professionals in this situation are often guided by the main parameter: how quickly managers respond to the user. The optimal indicator is within 24 hours.
  • Are there any additional valuable options? Additionally, for maximum user comfort, portals can provide a simple login using a single login, the availability of a separate domain, the option to support a large number of users, and much more. This parameter is purely individual.

You can search for the optimal service or immediately entrust this issue to professionals. In this article, we have selected 4 reliable generators trusted by users. In our review, we have included only those sites that meet several criteria for reliability and ease of use. In addition, we have also provided you with the above small reviews of each service so that you can understand in advance which one is the best for you.


How to create a static QR code?

If you want to create static custom QR codes, nothing is complicated. Even though there are a lot of various generators in the network. The principle of creation is often identical or very similar. In this situation, it is worth following a few basic steps:

  • Select a suitable generator for you.
  • Decide on the optimal type of code, and insert a text fragment or a link. As an add-on, users can change the appearance of the image.
  • Personalize the ready-made code with tools, allowing you to set a specific color and add a picture or a brand logo. But in this situation, you should consider one point - make sure the code is obvious, is not too small, and has the optimal size for quick and easy scanning.

In the end, you only have to download the finished code. The generation and downloading of the code to your computer is quite fast. Also, before placing this code in the network or on the printed product, it is worth scanning it first to be sure that it works correctly - it leads to the target landing page, and so on.

How can I scan a QR code?

These images do not require a heavy machine to conduct QR code scans. All it takes is a cell phone with a camera and an application to read these images. The scanning process often follows: the user must open the camera on his smartphone or download a unique program for reading image data. While scanning, it's worth holding the gadget still for 2-4 seconds, pointing the camera at the black and white picture. After that, you should click on the pop-up notification so that the device opens the encoded content.

How safe are the generators of static QR codes?

Some users think that generating QR codes are far from being the safest elements that are fashionable to encounter. But phishing emails do not imply email because this communication channel cannot be called the safest. If you are looking for the most secure service, you should know exactly what parameters it should meet. To secure the codes generated, modern services are equipped with the following options:

  • Identification of various errors. With the help of this option, you can find inconsistencies in the actions of users during black and white QR code scanning. If there is any problem, the service sends a notification to the owner of the scientific record. Thus, it is possible to keep the data tracking system in complete integrity and solve any problem in case of its occurrence.
  • Phishing URL identification. This security option can protect the target audience from malicious links, which can be attached to the code.
  • Presence of URL and user domain. Some services may ask for proof of ownership of the domain to which the created static code will be redirected.

Suppose you are looking for security services that will allow you to create high-quality QR codes on this page. In that case, you can find proven sites that meet all standards and security requirements.

Is it possible to generate a QR code free, or is it always a paid option?

Many users, who have never previously dealt with services for generating ciphers, ask: is it possible to use these generators completely free? Of course, fixed codes are free and can be created on any software found on the web.

Often paid rates are provided for creating dynamic codes because they can be edited, updated, and monitored. In this situation, the user is required to subscribe. At the same time, if an ordinary static code is needed, the user can create it for free.

What is the price of a static QR code?

Static QR codes are free and can be generated by any modern tool represented on the Internet. Numerous portals allow you to create a customized QR code without an account. Static sets of symbols are always free, so the user will not spend a penny to make this image.

How to find a trustworthy QR code generator?

Suppose you need a functional, reliable, high-quality, quick QR code maker. In that case, you should pay attention to several criteria during your search:

  • Get familiar with the reviews of the service in the network. This is a great way to form an independent opinion about the portal. Genuine testimonials from users, who have already worked with a particular site, can be found on the net. Type the generator's name and add the word “reviews” to the search line.
  • Make sure you are as comfortable as possible using the service. No one will want to use a virtual site that has a somewhat outdated and uncomfortable design. You need modern assistance that allows you to generate codes quickly and easily and has a comfortable user interface. Besides, current services are regularly updated and will not generate expired codes.
  • Check the quality of customer service. Attentiveness and responsiveness of the support service are essential parameters when selecting the optimal code generator. Suppose you are determined to make a long-term collaboration and buy a paid plan. In that case, you need to be sure that if you need help with settings or other questions, they will help you as soon as possible. You can get in touch with the support service by online chat on the website or by email to evaluate the quality of their work. So you can understand the responsiveness of managers, attentiveness, politeness, and the overall quality of service.
  • Make a test code to test the generator in practice. The best way to test the quality of the generator is to make the code yourself. You can familiarize yourself with the functionality and the choice of tools and then make the code yourself.
  • Compare rates and properties of several sites. Most new QR code generators, once on the main page, list all the functionality, allowing you to easily compare several sites and choose the best option, depending on the user's needs. It is also worth comparing the pricing policy for paid rates.

On your own search for the best generator does not always lead to success. It is best to rely on real professionals in this matter - read the first part of our article, which presents a rating of reliable sites.

Main Thoughts

QR codes (Quick Response) are now at the peak of popularity. Almost every modern user is familiar with these black and white images and has scanned them at least once. Current codes can store different information, which will assist in attracting numerous target audiences.

At the moment, fixed codes have become a necessity for various businesses. With their help, it is possible to increase the brand's presence not only on the Internet but also increase recognizability among offline users.

Suppose you want to use QR codes for marketing campaigns, or you just need to generate a one-time code. In that case, you should use an efficient generator in this situation. Our article will help you in this matter. We have selected 4 checked resources, which correspond to a range of reliability, functionality, and other parameters. In our review, services allow you to create free QR codes and offer the optimal list of functions.

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