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Spotify Unveils Ticketing Site, Improving Discovery of Live Events

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Spotify launched a ticketing platform to get bookings for its artists’ forthcoming concerts. However, rather than sending fans to intermediaries such as Eventbrite, Music Ally, and Ticketmaster, it sells tickets on its latest platform. Рenceforth, Spotify rallies all functions essential for artists: presenting, promoting, distributing, and even covering offline activities selling tickets.

Fans can book upcoming live events via their Spotify accounts.

Spotify’s ticketing website commences bookings for live performances

On 10th August, the firm commenced public transactions on the platform without officially announcing its unveiling. Tickets for its artists’ forthcoming live performances are available on the platform. Crows and Tokinmonsta are among the artists whose ticket bookings for their shows have commenced on Spotify.

You can find the list of upcoming live performances under “My Events” on the site’s home page. In addition to future ticket bookings, users can look at past events. The platform also keeps a list of tickets each user has purchased via the website.

A ticketing platform may become a marketing strategy for artists

The company’s spokesperson explained that its ticketing site had not become Spotify’s marketing strategy. The representative states that the firm is testing its latest website. Usually, Spotify’s new products undergo routine tests and updates to enhance user experience.
Some ideas experimented upon may create a situation for a more extensive user experience. However, other test products are only valid for research. Spotify’s most recent test product is its ticketing site. It centers more on ticket bookings for future shows of its platform’s artists.

Currently, Spotify has not made known any plans for the platform.

Sam Sheridan, Spotify’s Live Events Discovery Product Manager, made a revelation in a blog back in June. Sheridan disclosed that fans who interact with artists leave Spotify in search of live shows elsewhere. The manager mentioned that Spotify expected the improved “Live Events Feed” to resolve the issue. The latest ticketing platform will also help a lot in that regard.
Spotify will earn money from ticket booking and solve live show discovery problems. Fans will easily find and book concerts. Besides, there will be less competition among artists struggling to get recognized. The latest ticketing site can also help artists market their work.

Spotify gives fans broader exposure to concerts

The upgraded Live Events page offers a better discovery of shows within a user’s locality. It includes show listings from ticketing partners such as Eventbrite. Spotify aims to inform fans of forthcoming events by artists on its platform. Consequently, they won’t fail to attend their favorite artists’ live performances. Besides, the fans will have the opportunity to discover new artists.

The company intends to encourage more fans to attend concerts via its ticketing site, and the enhanced “Live Events Feeds.” It will get more ticket bookings for artists. They will have better-filled spaces at the events and gain more exposure. However, the ticketing website’s unveiling may affect the concert listings on the company’s Live Events page.

The pandemic prompted the ticket sales for pre-recorded virtual shows featuring Girl in Red, Jack Antonoff, and other artists last year. Unfortunately, people constantly scrutinized Spotify for underpaying artists for the streams. Unveiling its ticketing site will likely bring positive changes and benefit artists.

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