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Top reasons why you should choose Poland for outsourcing IT

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Currently, more and more companies around the world are interested in software development outsourcing, trying to find talented performers and reduce the costs associated with the implementation of an IT project. Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Philippines are popular because they can offer access to excellent specialists. However, cooperation with programmers from such countries has some drawbacks: a cultural gap and inconsistency in time zones. In this article, we will consider why you should hire Polish programmers instead of Asian specialists. 

The main benefits of hiring programmers in Poland

Poland has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, so this country is a great option for IT outsourcing. The Polish IT industry is characterized by a steady growth of new start-ups, which has led to an increase in the number of innovative technologies, as well as companies and people who are ready to use new solutions and take part in their development. Local youth are increasingly choosing IT education, so the country has seen an increase in the number of talented developers who are open to working abroad. Not surprisingly, many companies prefer to outsource the development of an IT project to specialists from Poland.

Offshoring to Poland is a strategic move for businesses seeking top-notch expertise at competitive rates.

Poland is the most attractive IT market in Central and Eastern Europe. Let's consider why it's reasonable to hire developers in Poland.

Variety of quality IT services.

Many valuable programmers are based in Poland. They specialize both in traditional IT industry areas and relatively new ones, including blockchain and IoT. Collaboration with Polish developers is a great idea for the implementation of a complex project, as specialists from this country do an excellent job with various software development processes - from design to support of a finished product. In addition, local companies can help you find a specialist who will support you in such important fields in the modern world as digital business transformation, integrating AI solutions into business, strategic consulting, and working with big data.

In addition, due to the huge selection of software development companies in Poland, you can choose the outsourcing model that best suits your current needs. Poland is an excellent choice for finding a specialist in a specific field or building a team of several specialists.

Great knowledge base and efficiency.

As a rule, Polish development teams are well trained in how to effectively manage a project. Excellent knowledge in this area is possessed especially by those specialists who have experience in software and web application development companies. With experience working with practices such as agile and scrum, they know how to communicate with their customers’ teams to maximize productivity throughout all phases of software development.

The ability to create interdisciplinary teams gives these professionals more opportunities to implement effective functionality within the project. Polish programmers are trained not to lose focus on the quality of the developed solution, its performance, design, and user experience. Working on a variety of projects, they use the best practices of product development and also improve them to achieve even better results.

High safety standards.

Companies that are looking for a software development outsourcing contractor should not ignore data protection issues. For example, when it comes to processing confidential customer data, including financial data, you should choose specialists from EU countries. Poland is a country that follows the same data protection laws as Western European countries, and it will be cheaper for the company to hire developers from this country.

Relatively low cost of services.

Although prices per man-hour in Poland are not as low as in India or China, developers from Central and Eastern Europe tend to have a high level of qualification, which is the key to the successful development of any IT project. It is worth noting that initially, well-written code simplifies additional development of a software solution that may be required in the future and will be performed by other developers.

It should also be remembered that the price per man-hour is not a quantitative indicator. This indicator does not consider the duration of the project development, and this metric has an impact on the final cost. The application of tested development processes can also contribute to reducing the overall cost of the project.

Favorable location.

If the proximity of the development team to the leading European countries is important for your business, then Poland is an excellent choice for outsourcing. The road from Poland to many European countries takes about 3-4 hours. This is very good for business since distance will not be a problem at all to find partners or customers in neighboring countries. Compared to offshore solution development, you can easily build relationships with your offshore IT team and more effectively control the development of your project.

In addition, Poland is a member of the European Union, which means that there are no trade barriers. Also, Poland's membership in the Schengen area makes travel easier.

If we talk about the time difference, then the work of Polish specialists with companies from the USA or Canada will not be a problem. The time difference between New York and Warsaw is only 6 hours. Polish developers easily adapt to the needs of customers and are ready to agree on a time for negotiations that will be comfortable for both parties.

No cultural gap.

Involving programmers from Asian countries in the development of an IT project can backfire, as there is a significant cultural gap between Europe and the United States. This can negatively affect the discussion of important issues, and, accordingly, the quality of the product being developed. Representatives of the Polish IT industry, as a rule, have a good level of English, so communication will not be a problem.

Final thoughts

Outsourcing software development in Poland has a lot of advantages. There are highly qualified IT specialists, relatively low labor costs, and an understandable culture. If you are considering the possibility of involving programmers from Poland in the development of an IT project, then you will need the help of a good recruiting company, since finding a reliable developer or a whole team of experienced specialists in various fields is not an easy task. Alcor is an international recruitment company that specializes in hiring software developers from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and other Eastern European countries. With the support of this company, you can be sure about the smooth and transparent process of software development by experienced European developers.

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